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What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello everyone! So, blogmas has been a massive fail for me, I am very sorry for the false hope! But today I've got the very traditional 'What I Got For Christmas' post. I have been so spoilt this year, and I honestly did not expect half the stuff I received. As a disclaimer, I'm not showing off. As a regular reader and viewer, I enjoy reading/watching this sort of thing, so I thought I would do my own!

I absolutely love this stuff! It smells gorgeous and girly!

Joico Protectant spray- thanks, mum- you must've known I was running low!

This is my favourite hairspray- thank you, mum!

Heavy Metal Glitter Liner- I absolutely love it! I used it today as an inner corner highlight and it was fantastic!

Now this was a pleasant surprise! I have never looked at the Vice lipstick, and this one in the shade 'Moshpit' is so pretty!

I always steal my mums Gimme brow, so my mum bought me my own. Thank you mum- you helped us both out!

I mentioned this to mum a while back, and I completely forgot about it! I can't wait to use this.

I also alway steal this off my mum, and now I have my own! It's kind of like a BB cream, as it is a tinted moisturiser

I got some Real Techniques bits, a brow set and brush cleaning palette- I had my eyes on these as well!

I was actually thinking of buying this for myself, so thank you, mum, for saving me the spend!

I've been constantly going on about the Gabriella (or Velvetgh0st) range in Primark, and I love what my mum picked out! The sticky notes are going to be super handy for 2017 as some cute revision stationary.

I got some new silver earrings that I am in love with.

Yey! One step closer to an organised year!

I also got some little goodies which are always a must!

I love these cute unicorn hand warmers!

Now, as I am one for forgetting to take my tablets, my mum bought me these pill boxes, which is a great idea and I'm sure they'll keep me right.

I like the sound of this 'Detox warming mask' Cannot wait to test this out!

I mean, you never know when you might need a USB Stick!

I can't wait to try this Collection mascara out- I was actually in need of a new mascara!

Now, I put some weight on this year, so my pj's aren't as cosy as they used to be. So this new PJ top is going to come in handy!

Very sorry for the awkward photo of this, but I received this staple stretchy roll neck top!

Yet another awkward photo (this is why I'm not a fashion blogger.) My mum got me this khaki green cardigan from Primark and I'm in love with it!

I got some new PJ bottoms- which I'm currently wearing- they are so snug!

And the biggest surprise of them all! I have been eying this Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette for ages, thinking "one day..." As I unwrapped this, I almost scream with delight! Thank you, mum, you've spoilt me!

How amazing!!!!

I can't wait to get some use out of this Babyliss styling tool, I love loose bouncy curls!

I'm taking a Production Arts course in College, and my mum bought me this book, which will help me for ideas and inspiration!

I love this scarf! This print is beautiful!

And here are a few stocking fillers that are much appreciated, especially the sponges!
I've also been spoilt by my friends this year! I'm excited to use the bath fizzer, I've never seen then in The body Shop before! The goodies in the Soap & Glory look amazing- I'm going to have to pamper myself! Also, the packaging of the body butter trio from Flower Pharm is so cute! 

I am going to have so many baths with that bubble bath from Sephora! Also, the bauble on the left is so beautiful!

Yet another package off one of my friends. Heroes, hot chocolate, cosy socks, bubble bath, and lip balm- guess who's going to have a good holiday!

Another pamper pack off one of my friends. My all time favourite bubble bar from Lush (Candy Mountain), a moisturising face mask, and a hell of a lot of Soap & Glory goods. It's as if people are trying to tell me to chillax!

I can't wait to dive right into that chocolate reindeer! I used the French Connection contour kit today, and I love the colour of it! Also, the Hollister spray smells divine!
From my grandparents, I got these adorable elephant earrings.

Also off my parents, I got this bow choker in a lovely purple/burgundy colour!

And finally, I got these really cosy boot slippers from my grandparent!
You have reached the end - congratulations! So this is the end of 'posting every day'! But that doesn't mean I'm not going to still post frequently!


  1. Omg I never realised Real Techniques did a brush cleaning palette! I need to get myself one!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas:)
    Cloe X

    1. It is a really handy tool! Hope you also had a great Christmas and new year! x


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