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What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello everyone! So, blogmas has been a massive fail for me, I am very sorry for the false hope! But today I've got the very traditional 'What I Got For Christmas' post. I have been so spoilt this year, and I honestly did not expect half the stuff I received. As a disclaimer, I'm not showing off. As a regular reader and viewer, I enjoy reading/watching this sort of thing, so I thought I would do my own!

I absolutely love this stuff! It smells gorgeous and girly!


Did I achieve my 2016 goals?

So, I was about to write a goals list for 2017, until I realised I hadn't looked through this year's goals! I found my blog post from the beginning of this year, and I thought I'd go through them to see what I've achieved!


Asos Beauty Calendar Week 2! | BLOGMAS

Another few days missed... I haven't got to grips with this whole posting every day of the month, have I?! Anyway, the long-awaited Asos beauty calendar roundup part two is here!

Day 9... I love this moisturiser. It's so hydrating, especially for this time of the year. I love the smell of it- it has kind of a minty smell, and it feels like it unclogs my pores! 


Christmas Wishlist! | BLOGMAS

Hello everyone! So, again I missed a few days from Blogmas, that's mainly because I have an art mock coming up and I didn't realise how much effort it takes!

Anyway, it's 10 more sleeps till Christmas, so I guess you could say I've left this post till pretty last minute, but these are just a few things that I'd love this Christmas!


fashion and beauty haul | BLOGMAS

Hello everyone! Today I went on a shopping trip with my mum. I've not long ago got a waitressing job in a pub up my road, and my wages and tips have been saving up for this moment! Here's what I bought!


ASOS Beauty Calendar (WEEK 1) | BLOGMAS

This year, my mum surprised me with a beauty calendar from ASOS. I thought I'd make a round-up of what my first impressions of the products are. So we are currently on December the 8th - a third of the way into advent - so this is the first segment of my ASOS calendar!

I was so happy when I opened door one to find a face exfoliator, as I've been in desperate need of one ever since we hit Autumn! What I love about this exfoliator is that it's really gentle on the skin, but works right into your pores (as the name suggests.)


Urban Outfitters Wishlist | BLOGMAS

I missed a day: I feel so defeated! But I'm back, and today I've got an Urban Outfitters wishlist. So maybe you can find some things you'd like!



Winter Pamper Evening | BLOGMAS

Tonight I treated myself to a relaxing 'pamper' evening, although there wasn't much pampering, more or less just lounging about in comfortable pyjamas! Here's how I spent my night!


Winter Skincare Routine | BLOGMAS

So, winter is the time of year when your skin just shrivels to a dry raisin. Foundation looks patchy, everything is just a cold mess. My skincare routine has changed to something that will keep my skin hydrated and radiant!

To take off my makeup, I use E45 cream. Loads of people say it's really bad for your skin, but honestly I never have had any problems while I've been using E45 cream. It works super well to get makeup off!


Instagrammable Christmas Quotes | BLOGMAS

Slowly but surely running out of content! Here are some quotes to get you through the season!

These aren't mine by the way!!..


Movies to watch this Christmas! | BLOGMAS

Day 2 of Blogmas and I'm already running out of ideas, oh god!

I thought I would give you a list of Christmas-y films that you should consider watching this Christmas!

It's A Wonderful Life
I remember seeing this film on TV last year for the first time. I never really thought of watching it - as it is in black and white- but honestly, it's such a heartwarming film!

Moulin Rouge
Okay, this probably isn't the most Christmas related film in the world, but for some reason it reminds me of Christmas time! I think it's because it's such a joyful musical movie that it puts you in a good spirit!

The Santa Clause movies
I LOVE these Christmas movies; especially the first one! I find it to be such a feel good film, really cheerful and cheesy - just what is needed this christmas!

The Nightmare Before Christmas
These's always a debate about this film being either a Halloween or Christmas film. To me, it's Christmas. Using my logic, anything with snow in it is immediately a Christmas film! Also, anything Tim Burton is immediately the best thing ever!

Because it's Elf!


Christmas Decorations | BLOGMAS

It has been weeks - if not months - since I've published anything on here. But I'm back! And to make up for my absence I've decided to post something everyday of December: BLOGMAS!

To start the Christmas spirit off, I've got a post full of decorative goodness!

I love decorating this surface for Christmas!
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