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What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello everyone! So, blogmas has been a massive fail for me, I am very sorry for the false hope! But today I've got the very traditional 'What I Got For Christmas' post. I have been so spoilt this year, and I honestly did not expect half the stuff I received. As a disclaimer, I'm not showing off. As a regular reader and viewer, I enjoy reading/watching this sort of thing, so I thought I would do my own!

I absolutely love this stuff! It smells gorgeous and girly!


Did I achieve my 2016 goals?

So, I was about to write a goals list for 2017, until I realised I hadn't looked through this year's goals! I found my blog post from the beginning of this year, and I thought I'd go through them to see what I've achieved!


Asos Beauty Calendar Week 2! | BLOGMAS

Another few days missed... I haven't got to grips with this whole posting every day of the month, have I?! Anyway, the long-awaited Asos beauty calendar roundup part two is here!

Day 9... I love this moisturiser. It's so hydrating, especially for this time of the year. I love the smell of it- it has kind of a minty smell, and it feels like it unclogs my pores! 


Christmas Wishlist! | BLOGMAS

Hello everyone! So, again I missed a few days from Blogmas, that's mainly because I have an art mock coming up and I didn't realise how much effort it takes!

Anyway, it's 10 more sleeps till Christmas, so I guess you could say I've left this post till pretty last minute, but these are just a few things that I'd love this Christmas!


fashion and beauty haul | BLOGMAS

Hello everyone! Today I went on a shopping trip with my mum. I've not long ago got a waitressing job in a pub up my road, and my wages and tips have been saving up for this moment! Here's what I bought!


ASOS Beauty Calendar (WEEK 1) | BLOGMAS

This year, my mum surprised me with a beauty calendar from ASOS. I thought I'd make a round-up of what my first impressions of the products are. So we are currently on December the 8th - a third of the way into advent - so this is the first segment of my ASOS calendar!

I was so happy when I opened door one to find a face exfoliator, as I've been in desperate need of one ever since we hit Autumn! What I love about this exfoliator is that it's really gentle on the skin, but works right into your pores (as the name suggests.)


Urban Outfitters Wishlist | BLOGMAS

I missed a day: I feel so defeated! But I'm back, and today I've got an Urban Outfitters wishlist. So maybe you can find some things you'd like!



Winter Pamper Evening | BLOGMAS

Tonight I treated myself to a relaxing 'pamper' evening, although there wasn't much pampering, more or less just lounging about in comfortable pyjamas! Here's how I spent my night!


Winter Skincare Routine | BLOGMAS

So, winter is the time of year when your skin just shrivels to a dry raisin. Foundation looks patchy, everything is just a cold mess. My skincare routine has changed to something that will keep my skin hydrated and radiant!

To take off my makeup, I use E45 cream. Loads of people say it's really bad for your skin, but honestly I never have had any problems while I've been using E45 cream. It works super well to get makeup off!


Instagrammable Christmas Quotes | BLOGMAS

Slowly but surely running out of content! Here are some quotes to get you through the season!

These aren't mine by the way!!..


Movies to watch this Christmas! | BLOGMAS

Day 2 of Blogmas and I'm already running out of ideas, oh god!

I thought I would give you a list of Christmas-y films that you should consider watching this Christmas!

It's A Wonderful Life
I remember seeing this film on TV last year for the first time. I never really thought of watching it - as it is in black and white- but honestly, it's such a heartwarming film!

Moulin Rouge
Okay, this probably isn't the most Christmas related film in the world, but for some reason it reminds me of Christmas time! I think it's because it's such a joyful musical movie that it puts you in a good spirit!

The Santa Clause movies
I LOVE these Christmas movies; especially the first one! I find it to be such a feel good film, really cheerful and cheesy - just what is needed this christmas!

The Nightmare Before Christmas
These's always a debate about this film being either a Halloween or Christmas film. To me, it's Christmas. Using my logic, anything with snow in it is immediately a Christmas film! Also, anything Tim Burton is immediately the best thing ever!

Because it's Elf!


Christmas Decorations | BLOGMAS

It has been weeks - if not months - since I've published anything on here. But I'm back! And to make up for my absence I've decided to post something everyday of December: BLOGMAS!

To start the Christmas spirit off, I've got a post full of decorative goodness!

I love decorating this surface for Christmas!


English Revision Resources (GCSEs)

Revision; something I have limited knowledge about. But what I do know are some helpful resources that make revision time that little bit easier.


Girl Power Quotes

Some quotes to give all of the girls out there some motivation. You got this!


NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Liners REVIEW

If I had to say one trend I've been loving lately it'd have to be coloured eyeliner. At first, I wasn't too convinced, but when I found out NYX had a range of colourful liners for £5.50, I HAD to at least give them a try!


Quotes To Learn From!

Summer is a time for positivity, inspiration, and a good tan! I've been swimming around Pinterest a lot lately, and I've come across some quotes that I try to live by, so this is a blog post not only to spread positivity, but to prompt myself to follow them!


Primark Summer Haul

So every now and again, I have to go up to the RVI in Newcastle (lovely hospital btw!) for a general checkup, like weight, height, blood tests etc., and we always take the opportunity to take a look around the shopping centre! As I've just had a clear out of clothes, I was in desperate need of a few holiday pieces as I may be going abroad next week! I spent just over £40 in Primark, and got a good amount of gear!

You can always rely on Primark to have a full section full of everyday shirts for £2! I saw this and instantly put it in my basket (luckily it was my size!)


21 Ways To Self-Improve

Every day, we are self-improving. But that doesn't mean we should stop there. Here's a list of 21 practical ways to self-improve!


My Top 5 Favourite Apps!

Hi everyone! I've compiled a list of 5 helpful/entertaining apps that I (near enough) use on the daily!
*This isn't in any particular order.


Bedroom Inspiration

Another Pinterest inspired blog post. This time; Bedrooms! If you're looking to find inspiration for vamping up your room then you're in the right place! To view my full collection of bedroom pics, click here.


Collective Haul | Fashion & Beauty

I've picked up a few little bits and bobs over the last two weeks, courtesy of my mum. Here's my collective haul!

Barry M Nail Polish in "Lap of Honour" (Beautiful lilac colour!)
NYX 'Stay matte but not flat' foundation. (I'm not a huge fan, unfortunately.)
Benefit 'Eye Bright' Eye Pencil (Highly Recommend!)
Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (I still prefer my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection.)

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