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Why Do Girls Wear Makeup?

Why do people wear makeup? What a controversial question! One of which does not have a distinct answer to. So in this Article I'll be discussing my thoughts on the topic. I understand that boys do wear makeup but as I am a girl, I'll mainly be saying things on my side of the statement.


Is Social Media Really THAT Bad?

There's a trend going around about how Social Media is not Real Life, and it's right. It's not real life. It has never been real life. But ever since I can remember, social media has been seen as a negative impact on us. I was brought up with computers and Social Media being such a massive impact in daily life. In school, we use Google Drive as a way of sending Homework (if it had to be done on the computer.) There is even media on the computers to track whether your child has been doing their homework. Heck! Even paper registers have gone the journey! We are definitely at a time in life when computers are getting so dependent. 


Newest Obsessions

I have found SO many new things the past month, however I don't really think the majority of them fit in with the whole 'Autumn Vibe' so that's why this is titled 'Newest Obsessions.'


A Little Haul

Hello Everyone! Today I have a little haul with Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle; triple whammy, basically! So let's get started!

Grey and Black speckled coat from H&M
Seriously though - how gorgeous is this?!

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