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What I Got For Christmas 2015!

Hello Everyone, hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas, and got everything you wished for and more! I thought I'd share what I got for Christmas, simply because I LOVE reading this kind of post, or watching this kind of video.  I'm not boasting at all and I'm really grateful for everything I got!

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Contour Kit
I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I opened this, This contour kit is beautiful and I don't think I want to wreck it


A Weekend At The Lakes

You can watch my Weekend Vlog here:

Hey Everyone! If you'd like to watch the video I filmed over the weekend at the lake, please click the link above. I took a few photos while there and that is what I wanted to share with my Blog!


2015: Round Up Of My Year

So much has happened this year. It doesn't feel like it, but it's been SUCH a busy year for me when I look back on it.

I started this Blog this year. In March/April, I made Simple Enchantment after forever putting it off because I couldn't make the 'time' to write, even though the majority of my life is spent in front of an electronic screen of some description! I've loved writing blog posts, even though my blog hasn't got the biggest amount of followers, numbers do not mean everything, as long as you enjoy what you do. I'll definitely continue typing into 2016!


My Haircare Routine

Hello everyone! I've got a new (and improved) haircare routine. Not gonna lie, I don't normally stick to routines, but my haircare routine is something I've always stood by! So without further ado, let's start with the washing system.

I wash my hair every other day; e.g Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc. Or whenever it needs washing. I wash my hair on the night most of the time, apart from if I have to wash it on Saturday's.

Shampoo-Alberto Balsam- Coconut and Lychee


My Favourite Christmas Movies

Hello everyone! So the 1st of December is here! Christmas is now acceptably talked about by all, so what better way to mark the start by listing my favourite Christmas movies?! I don't always watch Christmas movies, only if they're on the TV or they sound good enough to be watched! Also this isn't in order! X


Why Do Girls Wear Makeup?

Why do people wear makeup? What a controversial question! One of which does not have a distinct answer to. So in this Article I'll be discussing my thoughts on the topic. I understand that boys do wear makeup but as I am a girl, I'll mainly be saying things on my side of the statement.


Is Social Media Really THAT Bad?

There's a trend going around about how Social Media is not Real Life, and it's right. It's not real life. It has never been real life. But ever since I can remember, social media has been seen as a negative impact on us. I was brought up with computers and Social Media being such a massive impact in daily life. In school, we use Google Drive as a way of sending Homework (if it had to be done on the computer.) There is even media on the computers to track whether your child has been doing their homework. Heck! Even paper registers have gone the journey! We are definitely at a time in life when computers are getting so dependent. 


Newest Obsessions

I have found SO many new things the past month, however I don't really think the majority of them fit in with the whole 'Autumn Vibe' so that's why this is titled 'Newest Obsessions.'


A Little Haul

Hello Everyone! Today I have a little haul with Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle; triple whammy, basically! So let's get started!

Grey and Black speckled coat from H&M
Seriously though - how gorgeous is this?!


Memories of NYC 2015

I just want to quickly say that my room was on the seventh floor........ THE SEVENTH FLOOR. And there was no lift. On the first night we had to carry our suitcases up and people complained that we were making too much noise, oops :/


Beauty Haul || Benefit, Urban Decay & MAC

I'm back! I've been to NYC (Manhattan) for 5 days, it was such a great experience! I thought I would buy more things, but I was so exhausted after all that walking about that I really could not be arsed to move by the end of the day! However, I'm really happy with the makeup I bought!
Benefit - Gimme Brow


9 Helpful Websites Everyone Should Use

I've got together a bunch of websites that I use on a daily basis; whether I'm bored, need help, or just want something to do. These 9 websites are sure to lift a ton of weight off your shoulders - I know #6 does for me!


You've probably already heard of this, but it's so handy. Basically what it does is it shortens URL's down for you. You just copy the link into the website and it does the rest for you!


Birthday Pavlova

I was going through my SD Cards when I came across my birthday photos. I forgot to show you all the amazing birthday cake/pavlova my mam made for me. 

Really short post but I felt as though it was only right to share this with you!!

♡ Issy ♡


School Morning Routine

I've recently filmed a YouTube Video of my School Morning Routine, so I thought I'd share it with you. I'm really happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I was filming it!!

♡ Issy ♡


What I Love About Autumn

(Photo Credits: We Heart It)
Hello, everyone! So I was in the bath and I thought about everything I love about Autumn. It got me really excited so I decided to open up blogger and get writing!


Art Supplies Haul

So I have taken GCSE Art, and I needed to buy some art Supplies. Everything was from The Range.


Highlights Of My Day

I went out with my dad to take some photos. Here's a few highlights of my day!

Butterfly Cakes OMG 💓


Verbal Bullying In Schools

So I went back to school and already I've seen things happening that don't seem right, therefore I thought I'd write one of those things  in the form of a Blog Post. 


Birthday Haul

Hello, Everyone! It was my birthday the other day, and I turned the BIG 1-5. 

I have a Birthday Haul because I wanted to share all the lovely things I received from my Friends and Family.


UPDATED: What's on my Desk

Hello everyone! Recently, I've been trying to sort my desk out to make it look less cluttered. That didn't work, but I am now settled on a layout that I'm happy with...


LIFE UPDATE || Lanzarote, Supernatural & I'm Nearly 15!?

Hi everyone! 

It's been a week since I last posted because I've been on holiday with my family to Lanzarote. I was going to take my camera but I didn't have a small enough bag for it so... I didn't get any holiday photos to share on my blog. Also nothing exciting happened to write about. It was kind of better than when I went there in October 2013, because this time there was a group of hot young lads to... look at (and take sneaky photos of.) I got a semi-average tan, whoop whoop! Oh, and how could I forget, I had my very first Orgasm.... its a cocktail

In other news, I am ADDICTED to Supernatural. I started it in April this year, then I stopped watching it after the first series for some daft reason. Then I continued after a 2 month break and have been watching it an unhealthy amount, I'm now on season 5. For some reason it's taking me longer to watch Supernatural than it did PLL because I stop after every episode and just kind of reminise over what I have just witnessed (in a good way!)

One last note. I'm nearly 15 and I'm literally papping myself! I'm only 14, is there not an age between 14-15? Foifteen maybe?! Like, what happens when you turn fifteen? Do you grow an extra leg or something? What happens, I'm scared!!


Blogs I've been Loving

So as I've been off school, it's given me a bigger opportunity to procrastinating in every way possible. I've also found some great blogs, and I thought they deserve a little mention!
☺️ Click the images for links to their Blogs ☺️

The Sunday Chapter


The Hellish Day At The Gym

Needless to say, I'm an awkward person. I've experienced many 'awkward moments' in my time. The first time I went to the gym is just one of a large list of those moments. So welcome to the Second Chapter of my Awkward Moments (The First is here.)



Hi guys, I'm here to share my makeup/beauty essentials from the drugstore. The majority of the makeup I own is Drugstore but here are the 5 things I could not live without.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer



That awkward moment you forget you own a blog. I'm so sorry... wait has anyone even missed me?! Well I thought I'd just say hi and update you on what's been going on.

So, I haven't been posting very frequently for the lamest reason... I forgot I had a blog! I'm that forgetful, oops! Anyway, I'm back but don't expect posts everyday because I've been incredibly busy. I don't even know what I've been doing but for some reason, I've had legit no time to do anything!

I mentioned briefly that I have been going to the gym. It isn't as bad as I thought it'd be, though I do sweat like a sheep, even though I literally turn up to the gym naked... not literally! I'm proud of myself, because the first few time I went to the gym I was doing 10lbs, and now I can just about do 40lbs! Not on my arms though. I can barely lift a feather with my arms!


Summer Holiday | Clothing Haul

Hi, it's been a while, I'm sorry about that! I'm going on holiday soon so I've been shopping to buy some clothes to wear abroad. This is everything I've bought! X


My Top 5 TV Series

The majority of my life is spent watching TV Series', however I don't own Netflix and near enough everything I watch is on American TV, so.... I watch them here. I know, it may be illegal but I don't download them, I just watch them online. Anyway, enough rambling, let's get started.


Summer Morning Routine

There is a big difference between a School Morning and a Summer Morning, so here is my summer Morning Routine. Hope you like it!


Meet Mabel

Hi Everyone! You may or may not know that I have a cat called Mabel, so I thought I'd introduce her!


My Bucket List

Here is everything I hope to do before I die. It's not completed, but currently, this is what I want to do.


My Skincare Routine

Hey Everyone! I've been stuck for ideas of posts to write but I remembered I wanted to do a Skincare routine, so here it is! I haven't got a routine that I stick to but I'll tell you what I use near enough everyday.



Today was quite warm but I didn't want to wear shorts because it was also slightly breezy. So here is my outfit of the day. X

*I cannot find the links to these items, sorry.*


Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review

I have been using the Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation for a few weeks, off and on with Bourjois Healthy Mix, so I thought I'd do a review on 123 Perfect for those of you that are thinking of purchasing it!


XXL Cookies?!

You've probably heard of a big cookie, but have you ever saw anything quite like this:


Makeup Of The Day

Hello again!
Sorry for the lack of content lately, it's literally been too hot to do anything! Anyway, Here is my Make up Of the Day:


33 Things To Do When You're Bored

I get bored super easily, so I have compiled a bunch of activities to help get you out of a bored phase!

  1. Listen To Music
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Read a book
  4. Bake something
  5. Eat what you bake!
  6. Skype your friend
  7. Watch a TV Series
  8. Draw something (even If you can't draw!)
  9. Experiment with make up.
  10. Restyle your room/ tidy your room (it doesn't have to be a chore!)
  11. Prank call someone!
  12. Watch a Movie
  13. Right Something
  14. Dance (even if you can't dance!)
  15. Watch hours of Youtube videos
  16. Make an edit of something you like (eg. band/artist, food, photo etc.)
  17. Go shopping
  18. Play with your Pet
  19. Take photos
  20. Take Selfies!
  21. Organise your wardrobe and drawers
  22. Do a DIY
  23. Have a bubble bath!
  24. Play Sims 
  25. Write something
  26. Play dress up!
  27. Look through a clothes catalogue
  28. Make a Collage on PicMonkey!
  29. Google "Things to do when you're bored"
  30. Make a Youtube Video
  31. Get Twitter (Self Promo) Follow Me!
  32. Go out with your friend (If they're available)
  33. Start A Blog!!


Collective Haul | New Look, WHSmith and More!

Hello everyone. I hope you've had a great weekend! I went shopping on Saturday with my friend (Macy) and here are the things I bought!
♥ ♥ 

There's so many huge, statement flower crowns, but I love the subtle, delicate ones, like this one! I saw it and I was like, "Macy, I HAVE to buy this!" 
♥ ♥ 

I've been watching a lot of 'How to study' videos because, I have never revised in my life! And everyone was saying that Flash Cards are your best bet, so I picked these up from WHSmith.

I bought this Kimono from H & M. I love Kimonos, they're so easy to put on and they just scream Summer! Also, can we just appreciate the pattern of this please, haha!

In Boots, I was really expecting to buy anything, baring in mind I only had £2 left, but hey! I managed! 

Also, Mum bought me a jumpsuit the other day from Primark, so I thought I'd mention it now. The crochet at the back is so nice and the pattern in lovely!

And this top I got from New Look about a month ago! I keep forgetting to mention things! 


A Bourjois Haul (+ Tights)

Recently, I've ran out of my Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation so I needed a new stock up.

Today, I went to Tesco with my parents, as Dad didn't get everything yesturday. So me and Mam went to the Make up section. She was looking for a good Mascara, and someone suggested this:


Mid June Favourites 2015

Hey Everyone! I thought I'd share the things I've been loving this month. From Random to beauty, here is what I've been loving throughout June!


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